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Jo Robertson
BNatMed, DipCompNurs


Practical Naturopathy & Herbal Medicine

Meet Jo Robertson

The Real Food Naturopath

Jo Robertson is a naturopath based in North Canterbury and a firm believer in using food as medicine for healing. Through her practice, she strives to promote well-being to keep the mind, body and spirit healthy in order to help people become the best version of themselves.

Jo believes that true health can only be achieved through good nutrition. She advocates for, encourages, and guides her clients to eating an ancestrally appropriate diet, the way humans have eaten for thousands of years. This includes using the principles of the paleo, keto, GAPS and carnivore diets and tailoring a wellness plan specific to your needs, focusing on finding and correcting the root cause rather than merely treating symptoms.

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Meet Jo
Why Naturopathy

Why Naturopathy?

It can help with

Gut Health

More than 2000 years ago Hippocrates said "All disease begins in the gut". Few people in modern Western society have escaped poor gut health. The key to improving this is diet with the addition of simple lifestyle and sometimes supplemental support.

Mental Well-being

Mental health is very much linked to gut health and simply adding or removing specific foods and nutrients can have a profoundly positive effect on this. Lifestyle factors and past trauma's also play a big part in mental well-being and there are many tools available to help address these.


Poor sleep impacts health and well-being negatively in many ways. Often simple lifestyle changes can positively enhance sleep. Sometimes supplemental and dietary support is also necessary to reset and restore restful slumber.

Immune Health

Poor immunity can be attributed to a number of factors associated with modern day living including the use of antibiotics, exposure to toxins, hidden infections, nutritional deficiencies, stress and lifestyle factors. Jo dives deep into past and present health history in an attempt to uncover factors contributing to poor immune health.

Weight Loss

Weight loss often occurs as a consequence of the dietary and lifestyle changes Jo recommends to optimize health. Her focus is first and foremost on healing the body, a benefit of which is weight loss (or sometimes weight gain if needed) as the body returns to a homeostatic state.

Women's Health

PCOS, endometriosis, PMT, PMDD, thyroid disease, infertility, menopausal and breast issues are all modern day problems that are effectively treated with natural lifestyle, dietary and supplemental approaches.


"Jo is such a wealth of knowledge, I have had the pleasure of having her support myself and two teenage boys.  I come from a family with a strong history on both sides with a range of Autoimmune Disease.  Jo has taken the time to understand everything about what my family members have experienced and made recommendations not only around a healthy lifestyle change but also ensuring we have the vitamins and minerals to support us.  She went to lengths to ensure she found the right one for me as I am a big fuss pot when it comes to liquids and powders.  I can’t thank Jo enough for all that she has done to help me not have to experience what I potentially could have, had I ignored signs.  I would recommend her for her passion and knowledge and caring nature". 



Initial consultations can take place either in person or via Zoom. An appointment takes 1 - 1.5hrs and includes a comprehensive assessment. A wellness plan will be tailored specifically for you and presented to you within 1 week. Cost - $180

Follow-up consultations to check your progress and adjust your wellness plan as needed. Appointment is 45 - 60 mins. Cost - $75

Carnivore coaching in person or via zoom 45 - 60 mins. Cost - $75


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