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Why is gut health so important?

“ All disease begins in the gut” were the words of Hippocrates more than 2000 years ago. Modern-day medicine has been slow to catch onto this concept but more and more evidence in recent years has proven this to be true. It is now known that we have more bacterial cells on and in our bodies that human cells. The bacteria within the human gut is called the gut microbiome and the state of this plays a role in overall health. An unhealthy gut microbiome is linked to an array of health conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) , auto-immune diseases, skin disorders, allergies, mental health, neurological disorders, hormonal issues, metabolic disorders and even obesity.

A number of factors contribute to overall gut health including diet, antibiotics, the use of hand sanitizers and disinfectants, whether you we born by caesarean section, whether you were breast or bottle fed in infancy, exposure to toxins such as household cleaners, personal care products, pesticides and herbicides, fluoride and chlorine in drinking water, mould and stress.

It is very rare these days to meet someone who doesn’t have some degree of gut microbiome imbalance or “gut dysbiosis”. In my individualized client Health Plans a major focus is often on restoring the health of the gut microbiome, largely through diet and lifestyle changes and where necessary, supplements.

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